Game Director

Observatorium is a PC/Mac horror experience developed for the 2014 Leap Motion 3D Game Jam over the course of a six-week development process using Unity 3D. Made to utilize Leap Motion to help immerse players in a traditional horror experience, capitalizing on the unique functionality available thanks to the controller type.

Semi Finalist For The LEAP Motion International Game Jam

I handled-

  • Level Design
  • Scripting (C#, JS)
  • Animation
  • User Interface
  • Character
  • Narrative

And for production-

  • Team recruiting
  • Organization & communication
  • Version control
  • Contest submittal/compliance with rules
  • Marketing

Genre: 3D Horror Game
Tech: Unity 3D, C#, JavaScript
Site: http://dominicdev.itch.io/observatorium-leap-game-jam-project
For: PC & Mac using Leap Motion Controller

Team Size: 4

observatorium 2015-01-22 23-28-54-73



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