Game Director

Observatorium is a PC/Mac horror experience developed for the 2014 Leap Motion 3D Game Jam over the course of a six-week development process using Unity 3D. Made to utilize Leap Motion to help immerse players in a traditional horror experience, capitalizing on the unique functionality available thanks to the controller type. You can view the overview document for more context on the project!

Semi Finalist For The LEAP Motion International Game Jam

I handled:

  • Level Design
  • Scripting (C#, JS)
  • Animation
  • UI Design
  • Narrative

And for production:

  • Team recruiting
  • Organization & communication
  • Version control
  • Contest submittal/compliance with rules
  • Marketing

Genre: 3D Horror Game
Tech: Unity 3D, C#, JavaScript
Download: The Game!
For: PC & Mac using Leap Motion Controller
Team Size: 4
Press: Leap Motion Interview

observatorium 2015-01-22 23-28-54-73



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