<Designer, Producer>

Mildred is a third-person 3D platformer developed in two weeks as part of the USC Games program. Detailing the path of Mildred, a poor capsule mining robot, as it navigates the treacherous mining caverns and environments present just outside of its camp in a desperate attempt to save its fellow robots, at any cost. Mildred was developed with Unity 3D.

I worked on-

  • Level Design
  • Audio
  • Trigger Scripts
  • Narrative

And production for-

  • Team organization
  • Workforce/task allocation
  • Version control

Genre: 3D Action Platformer

Tech: Unity 3D, C#, Javascript

For: PC

Team Size: 4

MildredBuildforWindows 2014-12-14 00-12-46-80MildredBuildforWindows 2014-12-14 00-11-43-21

MildredBuildforWindows 2014-12-14 00-15-27-22

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